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The Division One Softball Organization Field of Honor recognizes current and former players who have reached the age of seventy (70) and have participated in Division One for a minimum of ten (10) years and have met the following criteria:

  • Have demonstrated above average performance in The Villages Division One Softball   Organization.

  • Have shown exceptional sportsmanship towards fellow players, board members, volunteers and spectators.

  • Have volunteered their time and effort in various capacities (Umpiring, Board participation, Scoring, Committee work, Advisory capacity, etc.) to The Villages Division One Softball Organization.

Spectators, umpires, scorekeepers, groundskeepers and any other non-playing participants who have significantly contributed to the success of The Villages Division One Softball Organization may also be recognized.

Field of Honor Members

2024 Inductees

Hank Culley

Greg Hanson

Linwood Manning

Don Geisler

Kenny Young

Ed Haith

Betsy Chase

2023 Inductees

Don Barnes

Bob Crafton

Eric Ehlers

Gary Grodzicki

Tom Hauser

Gary Search

2021 Inductees

Beaver Burch
Ralph Hollis
Steve Long
Paul Preuit
Carl Roberts
Norb Stroer
Dale Travis
Floyd Williams
Steve Wilson

2019 Inductees

Doug Gerkin

Terry Yanny

Linda Yanny

Gregg Foster
Lee Kochenour

John Rebardo 
Dave Sellars

Jim Carter

2018 Inductees (Inaugural Members)

John Wick

Rick Connor

Bud Shelley

Rod Severson

Tom Simmons

Dick Kanyan

Dave Mamuscia

Dominick Formisano

Ron Gustaitis

Don Duell
Dewey McVicker

Not Shown:

Ron Gustaitus (2018)  Donnie Duell (2018), Dewey McVicker (2018)

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