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All stats start with the W09 season and only include stats from officially rostered players during the regular season.  Playoff stats and stats accrued as a sub are not included.  Many thanks to the numerous volunteers over the years that have helped collect and record this data.

1000 Hit Club

John Rebardo
Tom Hauser
Greg Hanson
Bruce Breiner
Vito Buccino
Dale Travis
Steve Wilson
Steve Rapps
Doug Goslee
Mark Hildebrand

Hank Culley
Billy Warble
Dave Pa
Gregg Foster
Ralph Hollis
Donny Meye
Dave McDermott

4 HR in Single Game (OTF)

Steve Wilson
March 3, 2010
Pitcher:  Tom Curley

Dave Norval
Pitcher:  Tom Hauser

Scott Atkin
September 10, 2021
Pitcher:  Jack Seddon

Division One Career Records (Top 25)
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