The Division One Softball Organization’s Board of Directors will recognize current and former players who have reached the age of seventy (70) and have participated in the division for a minimum of ten (10) years and have met the following criteria:


  • Have demonstrated above average performance in The Villages Division One Softball   Organization.

  • Have shown exceptional sportsmanship towards fellow players, board members and volunteers and spectators.

  • Have volunteered their time and effort in various capacities (Umpiring, Board participation, Scoring, Committee work, Advisory capacity, etc.) to The Villages Division One Softball Organization.




The Division One Softball Organization will recognize men and women who contributed to or are contributing to the success of The Villages Division One Softball Organization.  This group may include spectators, non-playing contributors, financial contributors, and any other non-playing support.

The first induction includes the following:

L to R
John Wick (College Point, New York),  Rick Connor (Honor Roll-Long Island, NY),  Bud Shelley (Long Island, New York),  Rod Severson (Iowa), Tom Simmons (Michigan),  Dick Kanyan (Pennsylvania),  David Mamuscia (Auburn, NY & Woodhaven, Michigan)


Not Shown:

Ron Gustaitus (Connecticut)  Donnie Duell (Statesville, NC), Dewey McVicker (Ohio),  and Jim Carter (Honor Roll-Michigan) Dominick Formisano


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